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Pr. Leroy Pakpahan

Senior Pastor

Pastor Pakpahan (= his family name) has long names but they stand as the basic information of him: Leroy Ferry Dixon Parluhutan Pakpahan. It means Leroy was born on the month of February in this [house] that could make the relatives gathered together. Since his childhood he loved to learn about the Bible and he was very interested on how Bible verses are connected to each other. It was the reason why he chose to take Theology in order for him to have more chance to study his favorite. He doesn’t have many hobbies, but enjoys to be around and watch people he knows playing and doing their hobbies.

He has been united by God with a special woman named Sellerina Siahaan. And He entrusts them with adolescent children: Maharani B. Y. Pakpahan, Maharadika A. Pakpahan, and the only boy Maharayatara Y. Pakpahan. Take notice that the names of their children are started with the word “Mahar” which for them means “gift.” Yes, these three children are the gifts from God.

You may reach Pastor Pakpahan through the following:
Phone number/WhatsApp: +62812 5050 3007

Pr. Yoanes Sinaga

Youth Pastor

Pastor Yoanes Lau De Yung Sinaga was born in a small city called Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. He has an older twin brother, Yakobus Sinaga, one younger brother, Isaac, and another younger sister, Maria. They are the children of Pastor Houtman and Yane Sinaga. As a pastor’s kid, Yoanes grew up in different places, from Pematang Siantar to Jakarta’s capital city, and resided for fifteen years in a suburb called Silang, Philippines. In that small suburb, Yoanes finished his Bachelor of History, Philosophy, and History from Adventist University of the Philippines in 2010. Afterward, he continued his study in the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, taking up Master of Divinity, and graduated in 2012.

In December 22, 2019, Yoanes got married with Stenny Prawitasari in UNAI Bandung. Now, they are blessed with a son named Theodorus B. Sinaga. Yoanes enjoyed reading a wide variety of books ranging from theological and psychological to historical and socio-cultural books. He also developed a penchant for studying the local culture and observing different religious expressions in various contexts. One of his favorite travel destinations are museums, historical places, sacred tombs, and religious centers. As an avid fan of history, such visits to historical sites always connected him to the past. They enabled him to move forward with yesterday’s lesson.

If you need pastoral visits or support, you can reach pastor Yoanes on the following social media:

WhatsApp: +6287848888967
Facebook/Instagram: Yoanes Sinaga
Twitter: yahyasinaga

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