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“Please just one miracle, O God!”

What was the intention when somebody said it? For healing, for proofing, or just for fun?

In the Bible, particularly in four Gospels we read miraculous deeds by Jesus. In Johannine Gospel they all pointed to something, or rather Someone else greater than themselves—Jesus Himself. It was never the purpose of Jesus, however, to do a miracle for Himself or for self-gain. It was for the person in need of a miracle. It might be a healing or a mass feeding, but apparently Jesus did them to reach out to their lost souls bringing into a contact of salvation He has for them.

With this in mind, surely enough, we accept that “a miracle is no greater than the miracle of a transformed life,” SDA Bible Commentary writes. “In fact, such a life is the greatest of all miracles.”

Robert Moffat, a missionary to Africa, saw an unlikely miracle. It was in South Africa when the governor at Cape Town offered five hundred dollars for anybody who could catch a Namibian man dead or alive. He and his men—crazy brigands—brought terror in the town.

The story went shivery when Moffat decided to go to this bandit’s tribe with which Cape Town’s people considered it as the last time they could see him. They frightened him by saying that the people in there would use his skull as a drinking cup. But no one could stop Moffat. And guess what, Moffat’s first convert was no other than this very man. When Moffat took him to Cape Town with him, people only saw a humble Christian man instead of a brute man. Because of it, a colonial ruler only could say, “What a miracle! This is the eighth wonder of the world!”

There was a survey with 521 Christian respondents. But how come one of the findings says that only one-fourth thought that miracles in the Bible literally happened. Where are the other three-fourth? Perhaps most of them question, “Show me just one miracle and I will believe.”

Jesus once revealed the reality of us in believing through His statement to a nobleman from Capernaum and others alike, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.” (John 4:48).

I am asking myself silently, “Do I believe about miracles as the divine intervention to make me believe in Jesus?” Or “Do I still believe in Him without miracles since I believe He has changed my life for salvation and that’s greater than anything else?”

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